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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Randy Armstrong - Younger Version

Randy Armstrong of the band RED.

Yes, this is the same guy as the rugged person in this post. Only about 3 years younger. With more hair, and less scruff :)

But for the most part, I did this one just so that I would have two drawings to take to the festival that I was going to (I ended up not even going to), but surprisingly, I really like it. I guess it's because Randy has his "hedgehog hair", as I like to call it.
I cannot wait for RED 's new album to release this next February!! With a new album comes new photos!!!

Done back in July 2012


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! He really does look different here. I love the hair and how it just sticks up at the top. haha. Good job :)


Leauphaun said...

Thanks!! =D

He does, doesn't he?? I LOVE his hair so much!! Literally, him (and his twin) had "concert" hair that stood up straight. It looked like they had been electrified!!

Thanks again!! :)

- Leauphaun