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Friday, July 20, 2012

Noah Terrell - Drummer for Nine Lashes

Noah Terrell. The drummer for the band Nine Lashes.

Noah was somewhat of a challenge. The biggest challenge being that there aren't many drawable photos of him, and since the band has only recently become a larger band (popularity wise) there aren't many photos of them in general. So I asked Janette Yoder if I could use some of her photos to draw pictures of the band. She readily agreed, and so I found myself a picture to draw.

I would like to find another, better photo to give him, but I'm glad with what I have.

Original photo copyright to: Jeanette Yoder Photography.


Zethra said...

Nice! The ear is really good and I liked how you did the facial hair. This one caught my attention because he looks a little like someone I know.

Leauphaun said...

Thanks, Zethra!
Haha, that's my favorite part of the drawing! The ear, I mean.

Huh, interesting :) He actually reminds me of someone I know too...
Thanks for the comment!

- Leauphaun