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Friday, July 6, 2012

Joe Rickard - Drummer for RED

My two Joe Rickard drawings.

I must say that Joe surprised me with how fun he is to draw. His long black hair is a wonder (and super easy) to fill in, because it's all black. However, between these two drawings, I must have used a full 8B pencil to complete the blackness it demands.
His eyes actually startled me when I was working on the drawing. I never paid attention to Joe's features the same way I did the twins, but now that I've done him, I enjoy doing Joe the most. His eyes are actually the nicest of the three. They almost glow...

Personally I enjoy the landscape drawing more than the portrait drawing (aka, bottom one more than the top), and I hope when I show him these two that he'll take the portrait drawing ... just saying.

If you would like to purchase a print of this drawing, you can do so here.


Lauricia said...

Whoa. Joe is looking good! :)

Methinks I like the hair-swept-across-the-forehead look in the second picture.

Nicely done!

Regollin said...

I've always had tropble with the thing called patience :P It's hard for me to stop the drawing and start tomorrow, so I rush on the drawings.
Question! How do you get the backround copletely black?

Another amazing drawing.

Leauphaun said...

@ Lauricia - Thanks!! :D
Besides Joe's eyes, I agree that the hair on his forehead is one of my favorite parts!

Thank ye!

@ Regollin - I still struggle with patience when it comes to drawing. Though I do have it more under control now, I got reallllllly impatient on my second Anthony Armstrong picture. Well, that's 'cuz it took almost 10 straight hours...
Haha, yup, I hate to put down drawings, or have people interrupt me to get me to do something. Though when the drawings start to take up to 7+ hours each, you get used to putting them down and picking them up, and having to put them down. My advice is to leave them unfinished, then pick them up when you have time (for me it's putting them down when I have to go to bed, and picking them up in the morning). It'll get better :)

Answer! (lol! jk) Well, I use 8B pencils which are one of the darkest pencils you can get out there. A regular pencil is a HB pencil, and then a B, then 2B, and so on until you reach 9. 9B being the darkest you can get without going to charcol. So I color the entire paper with 8B pencil, which, to the human eye, looks black. So that's how I get it completely black.
However, when I scan it into the computer, the light from the scanner reflects on parts of the black graphite, so I use Photoshop to touch up the black parts that get highlighted. But I do it only to make it look like how you'd see it with your naked eye.

I hope that answered your question :) And thanks!

- Leauphaun

Regollin said...

Well, I HAD a b8 pencil, but my little sister likes to sharkpen pencls till there a centimeter long...

Leauphaun said...

Haha, oh dear! That's terrible!!
And if I can say it, a little funny... :)

- Leauphaun

Regollin said...

Ya, it is pretty funny :P
Man, I still can't get over how much I like the bottom drawing! Those eyes are very captivating...

Leauphaun said...


Thanks!! =D Yeah, that's one of my favorite drawings!!! It just turned out really well!!

Thanks for the comment!! - Leauphaun

Regollin said...

I'm drawing the same picture you used for the below drawing, and I'm really beginning to notice how his eyes do glow. They almost look anime in a way... His gotee is a bit strange too. Such a fun guy to draw!
Oh, and I've done a few more drawings since Kili too. I did Toby Mac and Joel Bruyere.
And I'll be doing a lot of drawings in the next few months, and I'm not sure If you want me posting links completely unrelated to your drawings. If you don't want me posting links like this, maybe you could just check to see if I have any new drawings if your interested if you want :P

Regollin said...

Are you sure you're alive? Haha, it's been a month or so since you've posted. I hope you've got a good explination! ;)
Anyway, I have a few more drawing over on flickr if you want to see em'. And also, if you don't want me posting links on your posts like this, just tell me to slap my hand. :)


Now please, POST SOMETHING! :D

Leauphaun said...

Hey Regollin =)

Sorry about that, I was in Mexico for 6 weeks, and life got really busy! But I'm now back, and life should be slowing down, but who knows...

Oh my gosh!! Regollin, these are amazing!!! Like, you've improoved sooooo much, it's fantastic!! You have so much talent, Regollin, I'm so honored that you come to me and show me your fantastic work! God has blessed you so much with this fantastic talent! I love your work, and please continue to give me links!!

Because you were so thoughtfully worried, I've created a special page where you can comment with links to artwork you want me to look at :) Here's the link (it's just another page on my blog)


Thanks for being such a wonderful blogger!!

- Leauphaun

Regollin said...

Good to have you back! Hope to see some more dwarves, elves, rock artists, movie characters...
Thanks a lot! I'll have about 8 more drawings in the next 4 weeks. I gotta get drawing before lifest!
Oh, and a drawing suggestion if you have the time: It's been quite a long time since you've drawn the members of Skillet. Would you attempt those again sometime?

Leauphaun said...

Haha, glad to be back =) Definitely! I've already completed two drawings, and hopefully more drawings and paintings will follow.
Whew! That's a lot, but I encourage you to go forth and complete those drawings!!

It has, and I'm not following what Skillet is doing nearly as much as before, but if there are good photos of the band, I'll definitely do new drawings =)

- Leauphaun

Regollin said...

Yeah, skillet is a bit hard to find pictures of. Especially because the band hasn't had a lot of pictures with Seth Morrison yet. Oh, and did you know their new album is coming out today? It sounds pretty good from the few singles I've heard. Well, I should get back to drawing Jen Ledger!

Leauphaun said...

They definitely are hard to find! YES, and from what I heard it sounds good. It's definitely grown on me, as I didn't like the music in the beginning, but now I'm starting to like it more and more.

Have fun!! And I can't wait to see them!!

- Leauphaun

Anonymous said...

Hi again is this joe Rickard drawing from Red for sale I'll be greatfull if it is Thanks.

Leauphaun said...

Hi again =)

Yup, just like the other ones:

Thanks again!! - Leauphaun