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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jeremy Dunn - Nine Lashes (Revision)

Earlier in July 2012, I was planning on going to a summer music festival. Nine Lashes was going to be there, and I really wanted to give them artwork. However, it didn't end up working out, and I didn't go. But I was left with 4 new drawings, and one that was done back in October of 2011 (bottom drawing).

I really wanted to give these guys my best, and the drawing posted below wasn't my best, and I knew that, even back when I'd drawn it for the first time.
So I decided that I'd redo it. Over the original drawing. Smart thing to do?? Yes, in this case.

I spent a few hours erasing and redrawing Jeremy's face, and boy-oh-boy and I glad I did! I cannot believe the difference between the drawings. If you do not believe me, click on the drawing and flip back and forth between them.
Currently, this is one of my favorite drawings I have right now.
Ssh, don't tell him that I've done this drawing ;)

If you'd like to purchase a print of this drawing, you can do so here.


Kismint said...


Beautiful stuff Leauphaun, beautiful stuff.

Regollin said...

Wow! Great improvement! :D

Leauphaun said...

@ Kismint - I love it revision, yet hate it. Hate it because the drawing I'm about to do NEEDS revision, but love it because I CAN revise the drawings! :) Thanks!!!

@ Regollin - Thanks!! It changed a lot eh?? Haha, thanks for the comment!!

- Leauphaun

Anonymous said...

Wow! The dynamics and porportions and detail is 100 times better! Isn't it encouraging to look back and forth at new and old drawings and notice the incredible change?! I love it!

I really like how the eyes are more defined and the same with the cheek bone/jaw area. I also love how the colours are darker and in that, make everything more epic and defined.

What a fantastic job! I know he would truly love it!

Leauphaun said...

Thanks, Lauricia!! :D

Haha, yeah, it's amazing at how much encouragement comes from looking back at old work. I love it too! Haha, Jeremy is an amazing guy!!

His eyes are my favorite part of the drawing, well besides his soul-patch ;)

- Leauphaun

Regollin said...

I just noticed how nice the eyebrows are! Great work! :D

Leauphaun said...

Haha, thanks!! I absoutely love how the finished piece turned out! =D Thanks again!!

- Leauphaun