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Friday, May 4, 2012

Padmè Amidala Skywalker - 2012

Padmè Amidala Skywalker

I did this drawing for the same friend that I did Shadow in the Forest for.

It's funny. I did Padmè back in 2007, 2008, then again in 2010, and now in 2012. You can see the difference, quite significantly I might add, between the 6 years. I had a lot of fun drawing this picture, as I always do whenever I draw Padmè. All in all, this took about 8-9 hours.
I just had to wait to publish this drawing on the 4th. After all, May the Fourth be with you! ;)

This drawing actually became a top 10 winner, and was chosen out of thousands of pieces of art to be published in a book.

If you would like to purchase a print of this drawing, you can do so here.


Kismint said...

It's all I can do to gape at it and think of how long it took you to do her earmuff-like things (Really, they've gotta be called something besides earmuffs...).


Kismint said...

In return:
May the Fourth Be With You!

Leauphaun said...

@ Kismint - Thank ye!! :)
Haha, yeah, the (I call it a headdress, even though it's more of an "eardress") headdreass took me quite a while to do, and I didn't finish it until the very end. Well, it was the first thing I started with, and the last thing I did was put all the little lines in the actual ear/head piece.

Thanks - Leauphaun

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's beautiful!!! Like, you really did a god job....To be honest the thing that draws me the most is her beautiful eyelashes...And the curly hair....All in all, the picture/drawing is gorgeous!

Hehe, makes me want to dress up like her and curl my hair. lol.

Good job!

Leauphaun said...

Thanks!! Haha, the eyelashes are one of my favorite parts too! Same here! I want to curl my hair everytime I see Padmè on screen. I'm going to be doing another drawing of Padmè soon, actually another two drawings...

- Leauphaun