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Monday, April 16, 2012

Raphael - The Red Turtle

Eldra was working on our brother's Nintendo DS, doing a drawing of Raphael, the turtle from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She asked me for some help on how to do this part of the mask. I, being an artist, proceeded on helping her on more than that one little part. At one point, it was to hard to just describe how to draw, it was easier to show what I meant for her to do. I ran to our room, grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil, and ran back to the TV room (where she was working) and started drawing Raphael.
I ended up doing the entire head of the turtle before I showed Eldra what she was doing wrong so she could correct it before going on with the drawing. While she was working, I finished the rest of the picture just for fun. As she was working on the band around his head, I shaded in the low-lights of the picture, signed it, and sealed the deal.

What started off as a little bit of help, turned in to a full fledged drawing! By no means is this the final project, but I haven't gone back and smoothed out the shading. Actually, I wasn't going to post this on this blog, but Eldra insisted that it go up, so this is a treat for you cartooners out there.