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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeremy Dunn - Nine Lashes (before)

Jeremy Dunn - The Lead singer of the band Nine Lashes.

I have recently fallen in love with this newer band. They just got signed with Tooth and Nail records, and are releasing thir first 'offical' album. Guess who got them hooked up with T&N?? Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch!! Haha, trust Trevor to find a diamond in the rough.
Anyway, this is the lead singer of the five member band. For the past week I've been wanting to draw him, but haven't been anywhere that is sutible for drawing. I was in Calgary for a chruch conference for five days, and then I got sick (almost better!), so just now have I been able to do him.
I still need to add more shading to the darkest parts of his face, but I really like how his hair turned out! I posted this on Nine Lashes page on Facebook and this is what they said. "This is amazing! Great work!"
Haha, how can a band like them not be nice about it?!

Oh, and I will be doing Edmund soon, JesusMySavior :)


Vrenith said...

I say the same thing!! "AMAZING!!"

;) Great work, Leauphaun!! It looks great. Amazing. Wonderful. Have any other good description words? ;)


Leauphaun said...

=D Hehe, thank you, Vrenith!!! <3
I thought it didn't really work out, with his shading now being smooth enough, nor dark enough, but I'm glad it's something that can be fixed :)

Hahaha, ummm... can't think of any at the moment ;)

- Leauphaun

JesusIsMySavior said...

If Trevor hooked them up, then, they must be good!! ^_^ you have amazing talent(: and, I have to say, I almost died when you said you'd be doing Edmund(: YOU. ROCK.

God Bless!

JimS (Jesus is my Savior)

Leauphaun said...

They are!! Their new song, Adrenaline, has Trevor singing in it. An AMAZING song!!!

^_^ Awww, thank you!!

Yup, I just found a picture of him, so I will do him right away!

GB!! - Leauphaun

JesusIsMySavior said...

THANK YOUUU!!! ^_^ And I listened to some of their songs...They. Rock. ^_^

Vrenith said...

All of your work is amazing. :) Can't wait for the next piece!!

I've got some more description words... :D Awesome. Unfathomable? Cooliostose. And no, I have no idea what that word is. In fact, I made it up on the spot... ;)


Leauphaun said...

@ JesusIsMySavior
No problem :) Don't they?!?!?! AWESOME!!!

@ Vrenith
Hehe, thanks ^_^ It should be Edmund Pevensie, from Narnia.
Hahaha, thats very sweet of you ;)


Anonymous said...

They do! ^_^ i can see why Trevor hooked them up with Tooth and Nail Records!

Vrenith said...

OOH!!! *waits impatiently* Narnia is... amazing. They've got especially good soundtrack. ^_^