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Friday, September 30, 2011

Travis - Drummer for Manafest

My signed drawing

Travis, the drummer for Manafest.

Surprisingly, the bottom drawing only took me 2 hours to complete, while the top one took me 2 days. The hardest part is the bandanna which has lots of white detailing with dark fabric, but other than that he was an easy person to draw. I guess that's because of all the hair, which was easy despite the wild Mohawk starting at the top of his head.

It's weird. For the most of my new drawings, I just can't remember what happens as I'm drawing it. I just remember the outcome.

Such a nice guy, despite his 'tough guy' appearance. I think he came close to tears when he choose which one to take ^_^. Just like Bodan predicted...:)

Thank you so much, Travis. It was an honor meeting you, and who knows what my next piece will be for you...


Squeaks said...

oh wow! These are amazing! That bottom one has to be my favourite "Travis look" :P superb work!

Leauphaun said...

=D Thank you, Squeaks!!!

Yeah, your right. It totally has that "Travis" look!! Lol!

*Squeals* He made it his profile picture on Facebook ^_^

Thanks again :)

- Leauphaun

Squeaks said...

haha!! Wow! That's awesome that he made it his FB picture ^.^ :D

Leauphaun said...


And his wife commented on it saying that they are getting it framed and are hanging it in their house. O_O OH MY!!! BLOW MY MIND!!!

Haha, thank you!!