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Friday, April 29, 2011


Here is Moby, Vrenith :) Cute as ever


Vrenith said...

WHOOPS!! That was NOT my account. :P Please do not publish my former comment. :P (It was under 'Eric' I believe, and I signed it)

Anyways, AMAZING!!!! It looks just like him. :D May I have permission to blog it?

NEW Word Verification: Antscrom. Scram, O ants! Maybe not... its scrom... Antscrom. Wierd.


Leauphaun said...

Hahaha, I deleted it :)
Thank you!!!!!!!
Of course you have permission to post it!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Ooh, thanks!!!!

Word Verification: Gureagm. Sounds like... Gur E A Gim. Whatever that means. What else? He could be my OTHER unrelated cousin. XD


Jake said...

This dog looks strangely familiar. I wonder why. O_o

Manny said...

Oh my goodness! It looks just like Moba!

Leauphaun said...

@ Jake
Hmmmmm....I'd have to think on which dog it resembles...

@ Manny


- Leauphaun