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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jaina Solo - Barris's Winning Piece

This is one of the two pieces that Barris Offee chose to have me do.
This is Jania Solo, the eldest daughter to Leia and Han Solo.
Great choice Barris!! I enjoyed drawing this one a lot!


Here is Moby, Vrenith :) Cute as ever

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before and After - A Five Year Difference

This is a collaboration of four different pictures. Two from this year, 2011 and two from 2006.
The two pieces are before I started taking art lessons and the two after are after I was done my 4 years of lessons.
No wonder my art teacher said that I used to draw cartoony horses. I TOTALLY see what she means now :) lol
But honestly, this is what art lessons can do to people. I know that many people can't afford art lessons, and I don't blame you. Most artists charge $50 an hour while my art teacher only charged $50 a month. But if you can find someone that can teach you it may change the way you draw forever.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fury - Captian Valithor's Sword

I did another thing from 'The Door Within' trilogy. This is Fury. Read the books to know MORE!

ps: The past three posts I did before Easter so for those of you who have been waiting for your winning pieces I have not been working on other stuff and leaving yours alone. O_o

Horse Eye

A horse eye

I really liked the reflection in it. This wasn't nearly as easy to draw as it may seem

Bay Horse Head

I broke my nail really high up on my finger this past week and it hurt my hand to draw. This was a test to see how I could draw with it being like that.
Unfortunally my scanner isn't big enough to scan all of the head in. There was way more of the neck but it wouldn't fit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Work - Hockey Stuff

Click on the picture to make them bigger

Some of these pieces are old and some are newer.

Sidney Crosby Before and after Eyes

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Marc-Andre Fleury

 Kris Letang (unfinished mouth; getting cropped off)

Eric Staal, unfinshed hat

Old Work - Lord of the Rings

Click on the picture to make them bigger

Before and After Elf
Before and After Arwen

Eowyn (very bad) and mouthless Legolas. Hey, I couldn't get it right! :/


Old Work - Miscellaneous Star Wars Characters/Stuff

Click on the pictures to make them bigger

Darth Maul Before (Left) After (Right)
Young Boba Fett and Anakin's Lightsaber

Tie-fighter and Naboo Starfighter - Qui-Gon Jinns hologram projector

Old Work - Padme Amidala Skywalker

Click on the picture to make them bigger

The top three sets of pictures are before and afters. You can tell which ones are the afters (I hope)


Version 1 (left) and Version 2 (right)
These two drawings were done on separate paper, at different times but somehow the first picture (left) turned out better than the second picture. The left picture was done way before the second one but the second one looks way less than Natalie.

 Both of these pictures were done near at the beginning of my artist career.

Now I know that this isn't Padme but I don't want to do a post on just this one drawing. This is Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. Not a very good drawing I must say

Old Work - Anakin Skywalker

Click on the pictures to make them bigger

 Before (right) and After (left)

A collection of old Anakin pieces