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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whisper's Winning Piece

DA-DA-DA-DA!!! I have completed Whisper's piece of artwork!!
Sorry it took so long Whisper
It is of a woman holding a rapier sword to a ranger girls throat.
Awesome story Whisper! :)
The idea was from a piece of a story that she wrote. My brother, Goose, posed for me to get the body shapes correct. What I didn't account for is that he is still only 5'4''. That meant that I had to make the drawing peoples' hands/feet smaller than his, and slim them way down.
The black woman is supposed to be tall, I imagined over 6 feet. But here she looks like she is 5'7''...maybe. All in all I'm glad it's done, and she's happy with it.


Creative Artist said...

*claps vigorously* Very good!! WAY better than I could have done... :)

Leauphaun said...

*takes a bow* Thank you Vrenith! :) hehehe.....

GB!! - Leauphaun