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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jake's Winning Pieces!!!

For those of you that know about the contest that Eldra and I held, the winner would receive two pieces of artwork, and the runner up would receive one piece of artwork. What they would win depended on what they wanted me to do. In Jake's case, he wanted one thing done from a short story he wrote. The bottom picture is what I chose to do from it.
The top drawing is of a description that Jake also sent
Our runner up, Whisper, sent in a description of two women on a ship, but it is a little more challenging and taking more time to complete. But it should be done soon


Creative Artist said...

Ooh... Jake showed them to me, but I only caught a glimpse... these are awesome!
P.S. Jake mentions me on his blog... I'm his sister. :)
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Leauphaun said...

Thank you Vrenith :)
That is awesome that you and Jake both have blogs. Kind of like me and Eldra. She is my older sister - she writes, i do the artwork for her story, lol

God Bless!

Creative Artist said...

Ha! Kind of like me and Jake, except I don't usually illustrate his story... he has four novels, and NOBODY has read ANY of them! He won't let us see any of it unless he posts excerpts... someday, hopefully soon, he'll let me read them... Hopefully.

Leauphaun said...

hehe, Eldra doesn't let me read any of her work either. At least not much, but since I am drawing her characters I kind of need to know the character more before I do them. Eldra an I are really close so I help her with her book and she guides me with the characters, and so on :) BUT other than that I really have no idea what her novel is about! Haha....that was really long *shakes head, embarrassed* sorry :)

God Bless - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

You're fine. :)
Yeah, I can't draw people, so I can't draw my brother's characters... well, I can draw people, everybody can! But they are NOT good at all. :P

Alex Johnson said...

Your artwork is absolutely fantastic! I love all the LotR pieces.

It's so rare to find someone online who still uses a pencil. It seems that everywhere you turn, artwork has been redone using computer programs. SO refreshing!

Ever think of doing some characters from Star Wars? :P

Leauphaun said...

Thank you, Alex!
I am trying to do more drawings of LOTR recently, as I have not done many since 2007.

Yes, now-a-days it is hard to tell if people are being truthful about if their drawings are authentic or if they digitized them somewhat, but still call them 'traditional'. I like to digitize my drawings after I scan the originals in my computer, but still display the traditional.
I'm glad people still enjoy traditional drawings :)

Yes, I actually used to draw Star Wars characters all the time, and have done some recently. But scrolling through my history of posts on this blog, I am realizing that I never posted ANY of them.I will get right on it, though some may be really old and badly drawn :/ :)
If you have a favorite character in any of the six movies, I may be able to do a drawing of them...

Thanks for the encouraging comment - Leauphaun