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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ben Judah Kasica

Digital version of Ben
Original sketch
 Well, well, well I FINALLY found a good, drawable picture of Ben. WOOT!

Surprisingly, this drawing was an easy one: at first it didn't look like it but when I got it drawn up I was like "oh my gosh, this will take me 'till 2 in the morning to finish!' as I had started it at 10 pm. I finished it, to my surprise, at 11 pm: only an hour to complete it from start to finish, which has to be a record drawing time for me

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frodo Baggins - Distrust in Motion

Digital Frodo
Original Drawing

My first Lord of the Rings drawing in YEARS!!!!

I was watching LOTR extended movie 'The Return of the King' when I stumbled across this picture and was immediately inspired to capture the intensity. The picture was in widescrean so that is why there is black strips across the top and bottom.
I left the skin really sketchy because his skin is dehydrated and rough with dirt

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Korey Cooper

Digital Korey
Original Drawing

Korey Cooper, the wife of John Cooper and guitarist/keyboarder/back up singer for the band Skillet. This doesn't look 'like' her because I had to rush my evening/drawings and try to get 4 drawings done for a concert (we ended up not going). You also have to see the origional picture to really see Korey in the drawing