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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ferrari 'Soaring Through a Tunnel'

Courtesy of Archer, I have named this drawing "soaring through a tunnel'.

I have no idea why this picture is on an angle....I really don't know. Things still have to be touched up with the background (I tend to leave those thing undone or at least done in a rough draft)
Done February 9/2010


Archer said...

I realy like farais (and other sports cars). It looks like the car is going through a tunnel. The way the reflections are on the windsheld and the ever so slitly shaded area looks like the car is going realy fast.

Be Blessed:)

Leauphaun said...

Thank you for your kind words :)
WOW I must say that you hit the nail on the head with the tunnel idea! It totally looks like it is flying through a tunnle. I'll have to rename it. Thanks

God Bless!