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Thanks - God Bless!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Trevor McNevan Signed Drawing

OK, getting that over let me say that MY DREAM CAME TRUE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtesy of Trevor McNeven and the guys from TFK for coming out after playing 2 shows in 2 days and signing stuff for us. I don't know what else to say so if you want to know more about it comment below :) Thanks

Also here is the link to my TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch) painting

God Bless & THANK YOU TREVOR!!! :)

Skillet 'Awake' cover drawing

Digital Version
Original Drawing
 The CD cover for Skillet's 'Awake' album is a different picture to say the least, but very eye catching. That is why I did it.
If you look at the original picture compared to this you will notice that I changed some things about how the wraps are placed (not to mention how they look), but that is because I did it at YC Alberta while I was waiting for my Mom and Dad to get out of this book store thingy. I completely made up the dots in the wraps to make it a little more 3D instead of just making it slightly grey, for the wraps are white with barely any dimension. It looks great in the picture but when converted to a drawing it looks undone and pale with no dimension :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chris Greenwood (Manafest) Drawing

Chris Greenwood is the music artist called Manafest. He may look different to you if you know Manafest but because he dyes his hair black for summer, (he is naturally a light blond) it gives him a totally different look. He too is going to be at YC Alberta.
Chris ended up wanting the drawing so he now has the oritional drawing. WOOT!!!!!

John Cooper Drawing



Corel Digital Version
"WA-HOOOOOOO!!!!! Doggy likie" *quote John Cooper*
Yes I drew John Cooper (or Doggy as some people call him) from the band Skillet. I drew him for YC Alberta 2010. He was surprisingly easy to draw, and only took 2 hours to do. I still need to edit some things on his face where it should be light but it isn't.
And as it ended up, Skillet wasn't signing anything because there were 15000 + people at the concert and Rexall arena had to close right after the concert was done. The signings would have taken about 3 hours to get it all done :(
Anyhoo "I AM A PEANUT!" *J.C*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Concept snowboard design

Well this is a concept drawing for a snowboard design that I am currently working on. A friend of mine will literally hold a ball of fire for me to get pictures of it so I can do a painting and get some color in to this drawing. He will be doing this on Sunday so I will be able to get the painting done soon after that, probably within next week. So I will get that done and let you guys know when I post it on my paintings blog.

Well my friend forgot the lighter so I don't have pictures or anything. I now have to wait for next Sunday to roll around to get it. >:P