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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Roberto Luongo "A Lighter Moment"

Both 'A Lighter Moment' and 'The Winning Grin' were originally each others names before I swapped them with each other. Because I thought Staal had more of a grin than laughing lightly, and Luongo is just smiling slightly instead of laughing . Roberto is from the Vancouver Canucks

Kevin Bieksa "Satisfied Shift"

Though I do NOT like the Vancouver Canucks, it wasn't hard to get this drawing down on paper.I had to get it done in a hurry for a show I was in, so that was a bonus to get it looking good in a short limited time. Kevin Bieksa is from the Vancouver Canucks

Alex Burrows "Anticipation"

I really liked how this drawing turned out. The eyes are my favorite part in the entire picture, though I like the whole picture. Burrows is from the Vancouver Canucks

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kris Letang, Before and After

I do not know what happened to this drawing. One day I had it, the next day I didn't. So these are the only two pictures that I have of this drawing. The top one is after I added facial hair, (Due to the playoffs). Sorry the top drawing is a little blurry. Letang is from the Pittsburgh Penguins

Brooks Orpik "Battle Scars"

I could not think of a name for this picture for the longest time, but my sister was the one who thought of the name 'battle scars'. It is for the cris-cross scars on his temple. Probably from all the cuts of other players stick getting jammed into his head, as he is a defenceman for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Jordan Staal "The Winning Grin"

When I saw the original picture I didn't think that it would make a good drawing picture but as you can see it ended up looking great. Jor. Staal is from the Pittsburgh Penguins

Jordan Staal - "Teddy Bear Hair"

Don't ask me about the name. I just was looking at the picture and said 'hmm...he has teddy bear hair'. My sister laughed at that so the name stuck. Even though it doesn't have anything to do with the picture at all.
This is my all-time favorite Staalsy drawing.

Jordan Staal "Lost in Thought"

My favorite part in this picture is where Jordan's hand rests against his lip. I don't know, I just really like how the contact turned out there. And since I am not great at doing hands, this was really important to get right.
J. Staal is from the Pittsburgh Penguins

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marc-Andre Fleury "Breather"

Breather is this pictures name, because he is leaning over to catch his breath after the second period is over. I really like this photo because you can see the back of his helmet where the initials of his deceased grandparents are. Not in many pictures you can see that.
Marc-Andre Fleury is from the Pittsburgh Penguins

Marc-Andre Fleury the Third Time Over

I have seen two other drawings to this picture. It must be a popular picture and now I have added to the collection. The eye in this one was blocked with the bars, and I like to see the persons eyes when I draw them, so I moved the bar just a little bit but enough to see his iris. Fleury is from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The bottom picture is my origonal drawing while the top one is a digital drawing that I did just like the John Cooper drawing.

Done in the summer of 2009

Marc-Andre Fleury "Penguin Mask"

Now THIS was a fun picture to draw. I mean with all of the ice cubes on the side of his mask, it is a challenge if I ever saw one.
Marc-Andre Fleury is the goaltender from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Marc-Andre Fleury "Waiting 4 Action"

The main focus on this drawing of Fleury, is the pitch-black penguin on his mask. I made his face a little less of the focus and didn't put a bunch of time getting it to look just like him. But it you click on the picture and look at the neck protector, (the clear plastic at the bottom left hand corner), the water droplets there are my FAVORITE part. Fleury is from the Pittsburgh Penguins

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marc-Andre Fleury Full Mask

Now this was my first full goaltender mask that I did sometime in 2008. Since then I have much improved in judging the shape and size of the mask.

Marc-Andre Fleury

This was the first time I ever did a picture of a goaltender with the mask on. I remember this drawing was so hard at the time. To get the bars of the mask right was tough. I really need to do a new drawing of this picture.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Marc-Andre Fleury Portriate

Marc-Andre Fleury has a difficult mouth to draw. He is originally smiling in this picture, and if you have seen his smile, (people say his 1000 watt smile), it is hard to draw. Not to mention teeth. At the time I was bad at drawing teeth, though now I am MUCH better at doing them, but still not SMOKIN' awesome. So this was a challenge to complete. Done in 2007

Evgeni Malkin 'On The Bench'

Now this drawing was a piece of cake to do. It was not hard to get this Geno picture down onto paper. Done sometime in the summer of 2009

Evgeni Malkin All*Star

Aahh... the first drawing I ever did of Geno but I like it second best because this drawing shows more of his face....OK all of his face, in the photo. I took this picture off of the TV during the 2008 All*Star game, and I couldn't wait to draw it. But it took me over a year to gain enough experience to get the drawing done. Sometimes waiting is the best thing to do. My favorite part of this drawing is his puppy dog eyes. They look so sleepy and tired, but that is how his eyes are. Done in spring of 2008

Evgeni Malkin Profile Closeup and 'Chain Adventures'

This drawing is quite old, and one of my first drawings of Geno. I did it in a very simplistic style, not a lot of dimension to his face, with kind of scribbly kind of texture to it (bottom picture). For the top picture, I wanted to just draw the picture I had in front of me and that is exactly what I did. I must say that this is not the normal picture I would have chosen to do, as in....with him sucking on the chain......guys! not much else to say that I can put into text....except that my style of drawing has CHANGED since.

Sidney Crosby Two Part Drawing

When I did this drawing, it was just a few days before the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in June 2009. It took me 5 hours to complete from start to finish. I was up from 9-12 (midnight) getting this drawing done. I could not put my pencil down once I saw how the first draft turned out. But the next morning, I grabbed my 5B, 6B and my 9B pencils and set to work, knowing that he wasn't done yet, darkening the dark spots and making him a really dark haired. The eyes need a little adjusting but other than that, I think it's done.

Sidney Crosby - 'Winter Classic'

What a week, three drawings in a row that are of Sidney's profile view. I really liked how in the picture Sid doesn't really have one particular expression on his face. It's a few different expressions that made it hard to name this drawing. Comment and leave me suggestions because I am at loss for names for this drawing. And believe me I have had this drawing since May, and I STILL can;t think of a name for it. Right now it is called 'Winter Classic Sidney". Sorry for the green coloring, again in PDF form. Done in May.

Sidney Crosby - 'Faceoff Focus'

Faceoff focus - Sidney Crosby
To get the texture in the helmet, I placed the paper overtop of one of my sketchbooks and ran the pencil over it.

If you would like to purchase a print of this drawing, you can do so here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sidney Crosby - Ready

Despite how it looks, the lines on his upper lip are NOT a moustache. It's the shadow from the visor! :)

Sidney Crosby 87

Now THIS was a hard drawing to finish! The eyes I had to draw probably 10 different times to get them positioned right, but it turned out OK in the end.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sidney Crosby Interview

Eldra HATES this picture :)
This drawing I didn't like how it turned out at all. He looks a little insane with his wide eyes. For some reason I didn't put very much effort into it. I guess I wasn't in the art mood at the time. Done in the winter of 2009

Sidney Crosby, Shadow of Hat

With this picture, I didn't put in his hat because I'm REALLY bad at doing hats but for some reason I still put in the shadow in. Done in the fall of 2008

Sidney Crosby Eyes

Since I LOVE to do eyes, I HAD to do Sidney's eyes. Done in the winter of 2008

Sidney Crosby

This picture, Eldra, wanted me to do. The chin didn't work out so I cut it off, and that is why it looks kind of funny. Done sometime in the past few years.

Sidney Crosby - Dream State

This drawing I did on thick tracing paper and it got that almost dreamy soft look that the picture required. My personal favorite part is his eyelid. I just like the shading dimension in it. Done in the winter of 2007

Sidney Crosby Close Up

In this drawing Sid is looking up at the score board as his team loses the game 3-2. The line across his face is the edge of his visor. I would add more to the picture but the photograph no bigger so I left it as it was. Done sometime in 2008

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sidney Crosby - Sparkle Eye

This drawing I  liked for the almost Disney animation eyes that I managed to give him. Other than that not one of my favorites for I think it gets to close to his nose in these picture. Done sometime in 2008.

Sid glowing eye

Yes an eye! I LOVE to do eyes and to do Sidney's, well that just couldn't much better. Done in May of 2008.

Sidney Glancing over Shoulder

This Sidney drawing my sister asked my to do because she really liked the original picture. I thought that it would be too hard and it was for my artistic abilities at the time, so it didn't work out very well.